iPhone Apps

Whether your kids love grooving to Barney or Beethoven, Kideos has something that will entertain them. This site is amazing! The website is divided by age group and has pre-screened videos that are kid friendly. No more worrying about your 6 year old learning all of the Kid Rock lyrics.

Every child knows and loves the song Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, now they can have fun learning to play the song with the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Preschool Storybook Piano iPhone App by Kiboomu. Kiboomu provided us with this iPhone app for review. It is fun to use and our testers both loved following along as the keys lit up and playing on the keyboard free-style. It has some great features, such as watching the story occur while listening to the song, allowing you to record and hear your own voice being played back, and selecting various instruments and learning about the sounds. You can even add animal sounds to the song. This iPhone app is entertaining and educational for the kids – a keeper for us!

What preschooler wouldn’t love to go to a school featuring fun, colorful fish? Duck Duck Moose Fish School teaches letters, numbers, colors, shapes, the ABC song, matching and what’s different. Similar to synchronized swimming, the fish swim into place and form letters, numbers and shapes. Matching is played similar to the Memory game. In What’s Different, 1 “different” fish swims among a bunch of “alike” ones. The “alike” fish slowly disappear until the “different” fish is tapped. Fish School is available for iPhone/iPod and iPad.

Entertain your child with Duck Duck Moose Wheels On The Bus next time you are stuck in the checkout line or waiting somewhere with the kids. Each verse has it’s own interactive screen. Your child can tap and slide various objects to find hidden actions. Open and shut the doors, move on back and bump up and down all over town.