Get the kids excited for back to school with a Spikeasaurus Lunch Pack. Guaranteed to be the coolest lunch bag in the lunchroom. Even a boring peanut butter and jelly sandwich will seem exciting with this lunch bag. Measures 11″ x 10″ x 2″. Made out of polyurethane.

Looking for a gift for a glam loving teen? MagnaCard Magnetic Locker Wallpaper is sure to be a real pleaser. These magnetic strips are just the right size for a standard locker. We love that they are reusable so they can be moved if there is a locker change or from year to year.

Does your teen belong on HGTV? Help nurture their love for decorating with the Klutz Decorate Your Locker Book. This fun guide is crammed full of ideas for decorating a locker in style. It comes with pre-printed magnets and peel and stick magnet sheets to turn photos and magazine pictures into instant locker art.

We love all things mini! Sliders, mini muffins, and these great Japanese Food Eraser Sets. These cute little erasers resemble all of the food that kids love the most. They even come on their own little lunch tray. These lead-free erasers are perfect for school, trading with friends or even as little doll house props. Even the packaging is cute. Grab a few sets for your favorite student (or teacher), they will be delighted.

Tired of eating icky bruised up bananas or having your child throw them away at lunch? Don’t give up on the yellow wonder fruit just yet. The Banana Guard – BPA-Free Fruit Container is perfect for packing potassium rich bananas in your child’s lunch. This fun fruit holder has ventilation to prevent premature ripening and fun sassy colors to make your school-aged child smile.

Help your favorite student stay organized this semester with the Mini Daily Dot Calendar Locker Decals. These peel and stick decals are great for jazzing up a locker or study space. Jot down homework assignments or reminders with a dry erase marker (not included). They come in a 5 pack…one for every day of the week.

Peanut butter and jelly might be taboo in the lunchroom with so many food allergies but it is perfect for your child’s backpack. Help your little student stay organized with the Yummy Pocket Peanut Butter & Jelly Organizer. The peanut butter and jelly sides each have a zippered pocket with plenty of room for lunch money, extra pencils and special treasures that are needed for school. The sides stick together with a magnetic snap to make the sandwich. Enjoy!

Looking for ideas for your turn as a classroom mom? The Classroom Mom Deck: A School Volunteer’s Survival Kit is your answer. Accord Publishing sent us this fabulous deck that is chock-full of awesome tips. Even if you don’t use this in a classroom setting it is great for at-home parties, games and arts & crafts for the kids. We like the Thanksgiving Party card – make cornucopias by filling sugar cones with candy corn, popcorn and dried fruit.

Add some fun to the boring task of sharpening pencils! The Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener is the geekiest pencil sharpener we’ve seen in a long time. The robot stands about 4″ tall and even walks a little after sharpening a pencil. If you don’t have a pencil handy because you’ve used them all up, don’t worry you can still make the robot walk with the included key. You’ll never have a dull pencil in the house again!

Kids often think schoolwork is a drag, give them something to make it more enjoyable! Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencils are awesome smelling pencils made from rolled newspapers and other recycled or environmentally friends products.