Counting baby kicks is important and the kickTrak Baby Kick Counter makes it easy. Starting at 24 weeks, use kickTrak to record your little baby’s movements at the same time each day. This little gadget stores your last 10 sessions so you can compare baby’s activity level. A great gift!

Face it, mommies and daddies sometimes need a lot of help. Whatever your ailment, the Help I Need a Lot of Help kit can help. We love these fun little containers that are purse sized. The 7 HELP products included in this set are: Help I have a headache, Help I can’t sleep, Help, I have an Aching body, Help, I have allergies, Help, I’ve cut myself, Help, I have a blister, Help, I have the sniffles.

We are always looking for ways to make tooth brushing a little bit easier. We love the simplicity of the Twooth Timer. Just wind it up and it will ring after 2 minutes. No batteries to mess with and it is only 4 inches tall (so it fits in the medicine cabinet).

Looking for the greatest lunch bag invention? Check out PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag, Forget Me Not Dot. This freezable lunch cooler keeps lunches or snacks cool for up to 10 hours. This “momvention” is reusable, washable and folds up small so it takes up very little freezer space. Pack all of those healthy snacks like cheese and yogurt without fear of spoiling. A great find!


Trying to lose the baby weight? Run it off with the coolest Nike technology yet. The Apple Nike + iPod Wireless in-Shoe Sensor is a great way to get into shape. Hook up the sensor with your iPod or iPhone and have a built in trainer. Train and log your ruins on Now get off the couch!

The Environmental Working Group released its recommendations for sunscreens for the family seeking out products that do not contain potential hormone disruptors. Badger All Natural Sunscreen made the top of the list. We tried Badger as well as a few others on the “safe list” and Badger was one of our favorites. Zinc is its main ingredient making it a bit tough to rub in but we love that it is lacking in Cancer causing ingredients. A little more effort than the sprays but totally worth it!

Looking for the perfect travel accessory? Check out the green sprouts Disposable Compressed Wipe Travel Tube. These wipes are actually made from plants. They are soft and absorbent and expand when moistened. Do your kids have sensitive skin? These wipes are as gentle as can be. They are free of alcohol, harsh chemicals, chlorine, and perfumes. This Set includes reusable travel tube for easy-to-go and 10 piece refill package.

Looking to stay hydrated while getting DHA and other important vitamins for you and your baby while pregnant? Check out Be Nice Prenatal Vitamins. Each serving of Be Nice contains 25% of the doctor recommended supply of folic acid, vitamins, and minerals, along with DHA. Morning sickness? This will help stay hydrated. Try the lemonade or berrylicious flavors.

From sledding and ice skating to roller-blading and biking you never can be too careful. The Adjustable Dots Helmet caught our eye because it is simple yet colorful and fun. We love that it is adjustable with a turn of the dial so it can be shared between siblings.

Little kids get a lot of colds. Stuffy noses and coughs are no fun. The next time your child gets a cold try Boiron Chestal Honey Homeopathic Cough Syrup. This homeopathic medicine has an all natural honey base, perfect to soothe sore little throats.