If pratical and portable is your thing, check out this Collapsible Folding Lap Desk. Perfect for on the go use, this desk has a large writing surface. It also has a roomy storage compartment to store paper, pencils, books, and more. The entire desk folds to the size of a briefcase when not in use so it can be stored easily. It’s a perfect carrying case, desk, and storage center in one!

No need to give up strolls outside when the weather is chilly. Bundle up baby, grab your Mommy Mitten and go. The Mommy Mitten is a hand warmer that attaches to the handle bar of your baby stroller. What a great way to keep cozy! It is water resistant, insulated and lined with fleece so you can leave your gloves at home. It comes in two stylish color combos: black with a pink fleece lining or black with an aqua fleece lining.

Avoid the horrors of dragging your potty-training toddler to public toilets by always being prepared. My Carry Potty is lightweight and perfect for on-the- go potty training. Totally bag free yet the top makes a tight seal so it is odor free. Throw one in the trunk for travel!

Looking for a no-fuss way to transport formula and snacks for the kids? Check out Beaba Stackable Formula & Snack Containers. Super cute and 100% practical, these little containers will take you from formula to fishies.

Looking for the greatest lunch bag invention? Check out PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag, Forget Me Not Dot. This freezable lunch cooler keeps lunches or snacks cool for up to 10 hours. This “momvention” is reusable, washable and folds up small so it takes up very little freezer space. Pack all of those healthy snacks like cheese and yogurt without fear of spoiling. A great find!


Toting the kids out and about can be difficult. Grab a Doggie Diary Play Go Go Pack. This super cute backpack has everything your tot needs to stay entertained. Packed with markers and a coloring book and plenty of pockets to store treasures. We love that it can be wiped clean and the print is toddler friendly. We received the fairy print as a gift and use it for everything from dining out to doctor’s offices.

Looking for the perfect travel accessory? Check out the green sprouts Disposable Compressed Wipe Travel Tube. These wipes are actually made from plants. They are soft and absorbent and expand when moistened. Do your kids have sensitive skin? These wipes are as gentle as can be. They are free of alcohol, harsh chemicals, chlorine, and perfumes. This Set includes reusable travel tube for easy-to-go and 10 piece refill package.

Looking to look cool while keeping baby’s bottle cool? Check out the Giggle Stripe Bottle Holder. Great for parents on the go, this handy bag will keep cool drinks cool and warm drinks warm. The fun striped bottle holder has a small pocket for incidentals (think hand wipes for the park) and a strap perfect for hanging from your stroller.

Little Honey is a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in travel accessories that are fashionable and functional. Traveling with kids is really not easy. It is important to have the right tools to make your trip a little easier. We just heard about Little Honey Travel Pillows. These adorable printed pillows are perfect for long car or airplane rides. They are soft and come in really cute prints. We especially like the blue monkey pattern!

We can’t even count the number of times we wished we had an extra bed for a toddler visitor so the grown ups could socialize during nap time or after bedtime. The Tuckaire Original Toddler Travel Bed is the answer! It has side rails that not only allow you to tuck the sheets in, but also to keep kids from rolling off the bed. This bed packs up small and the included electric pump makes getting ready for bed fast and easy.