Those devout Bugaboo users all seem to agreee that the stroller is almost perfect. The only thing that seems to be missing is a tray that actually fits. Check out Tray Vous. This BPA-free food safe tray is the perfect fit for Bugaboo strollers. Now the kids can happily munch on cheerios while you get your errands done.

We think the Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller makes it worth it to have more babies. This stroller has multi-stage, multi-child configurations that allow for you to customize it to whatever your family needs. With tons of fun features and that sleek Bugaboo look, this is the top of our wish list.

No need to give up strolls outside when the weather is chilly. Bundle up baby, grab your Mommy Mitten and go. The Mommy Mitten is a hand warmer that attaches to the handle bar of your baby stroller. What a great way to keep cozy! It is water resistant, insulated and lined with fleece so you can leave your gloves at home. It comes in two stylish color combos: black with a pink fleece lining or black with an aqua fleece lining.

Are you part of the Bugaboo fan club? These fun and fancy strollers have a cult following. We adore ours and can’t wait to check out the Bugaboo Universal Organizer. This stroller add-on has sectioned-off compartments that include an inside zip pocket for valuables and a side pocket for a small bottle, sippy cup or cell phone.

We spend a ton of money on our strollers. We can’t count the amount of times that we have seen fancy strollers just left outside of stores and restaurants. Protect those investments with the Buggyguard Retractable Stroller Lock. This retractable cable fits all strollers and has a 3 digit resettable combination dial. We love that it is practical and cute.



We think that Buggysocks are the next big thing. What a fun way to personalize your stroller. These 100% cotton socks are made in Spain by hand. They come in a bunch of fun colors and patterns. Perfect to give your stroller some pizzazz!

We have sung the Bugaboo praises before but couldn’t help mentioning this great custom color. The Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller in orange and navy is absolutely stunning! This premium stroller system is totally loaded! Be the envy of all the mommies on the block with this great color combination. The only problem we see in the future is the possibility of evicting your too-old toddler out of this cool ride.

Arrr matey…treat your littlest pirate to the coolest thing to hit Halloween. The Pirate Ship Stroller Costume is fun for little pirates that want to ride in style. Get the family to adopt a pirate theme this year! Use this fun stroller costume in parades, for Halloween or just plain fun.

Share your love for cycling and the outdoors with your child with the Taga Stroller Bike. This combination bike and stroller is amazing. A 20 second conversion switches the bike to stroller mode so you can choose to bike or stroll your away around town. A great way to save money on gas and spend time with your child.

It’s cool to be in the shade! Shady Baby Stroller Parasols make it easy and cute to keep your baby protected while in the stroller. It’s water-repellent, UV protected, and easy to get on and off. It is available in lots of crazy-cute patterns (including sock monkeys)! You can’t go wrong with a Shady Baby.