Kids love cookies. Lucy’s Cookies are crunchy little cuties and look delicious. Developed by a mom of child with allergies, these cookies are gluten-free. They also don’t contain any peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs or wheat. At only just over 100 calories and made from all natural ingredients, these are a great treat for the whole family to enjoy.

Looking for some good old fashioned family fun? The Haunted House Gingerbread Kit is sure to thrill the little goblins. This creative kit includes pre-baked gingerbread cookies, meringue powder, candies, sugar decorations, decorating bag with tip, orange and purple food coloring and paper support frame. Everything you need to build the haunted house of your dreams.

An old classic gets a makeover. We were exstatic to try out the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven. It did not disappoint! The treats were teeny tiny but perfect tea party sized. No more light bulb on this new and improved model. Big and modern looking, this kid-sized oven cooked our itty bitty cookies evenly while managing to make our kitchen smell lovely. Mixes are quite pricey but as an occasional treat, they are kid approved.

We love the Cake Pop trend. What could be bad about mushed up cake and frosting rolled into a ball and decorated? These Harry Potter Inspired Cake Pops are a fun themed dessert. Send them as a gift or use them as party favors. These magical pops are sure to bring a smile to your favorite Harry Potter fan.

We love all things S’mores. What could be bad about marshmallow goodness mixed with chocolate and graham crackers? Now you don’t have to have a campfire to enjoy S’mores! Check out Kellogg’s Frosted S’mores Pop-Tarts. These yummy little treasures have essential vitamins and minerals. In our house they are a special treat for dessert.

We can’t get over this great creation from Extra Gum. Now you can use your own photos to personalize a pack of gum for yourself or a gift. The folks at MyExtra Gum make it easy to crate the perfect pack. Choose a photo or pre-designed template and put your own special touch on it by selecting colors and styles. Perfect for a baby shower gift, birth announcement or party favor.

Looking for a fun gift to send a college student? Want to treat your family to something extra special? Check out Saint Cupcake. These cupcakes are totally customizable. Pick how many cupcakes you would like to send (3, 6, 12) and then you can use their magical cupcake selector to pick your icings and sprinkles. They will package it all up in a perfect kit complete with an icing wand and easy decorating tips. Voila, fully customized homemade yummy treats without a messy kitchen.

Looking to donate to a totally worthwhile charity? Feel good about shopping at All of the proceeds go to fight pediatric cancer. The Box of Hope Cookies has an assortment of handmade artisan cookies. The lucky recipient will enjoy: Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies which are large all-natural chocolate chip cookies that are perfectly crunchy around the edges. They are loaded with delicious Guittard semi-sweet chocolate and made with unsalted butter, unbleached, unbromated flour and pure vanilla extract. Chewy Oatmeal Raisin are old-fashioned classics. They are large chewy cookies that are made with heart-healthy oats, California raisins, ground cinnamon and pure vanilla extract. Liam’s Lemon Sugar Cookies are a fun and tangy variation of the classic sugar cookie. These are made with unsalted butter and pure lemon extract. YUMM-O!

We are always looking for new ways to get the kids to eat their fruits and veggies. Crispy Green makes it easy with their yummy freeze dried fruit packets. Crispy Green Fruit Snacks Crispy Asian Pears are our favorite from the line. We love how light and crispy they are. Throw them into a snack mix or eat them right out of the bag.

Are you looking to give the kidds a taste of the windy city? Treat them to a Chicago Style Hot Dog Kit. This kit has it all – from the authentic poppy-seeded buns to the yellow mustard. It makes 16 Chicago hot dogs. perfect to treat a college student or for a fun family dinner.