Get in on the Harry Potter hype with Harry Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Part 2 Soundtrack. This soundtrack is a fun gift for any Harry Potter fan. It has all of the music from the last movie. Perfect to keep the magic alive!

Paws down Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever and New Friends is the cutest Nintendo game we have ever seen. Not a big fan of violent video games? These puppies and kitties don’t grow old or shoot anything! Choose from over 27 breeds of dogs and cats to take care of. It even has 3D graphics.

We were so excited to receive a copy of Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti to review. The kids LOVE listening to music in the car and rocking out in the living room to fun new tunes. This family friendly CD had a few artists that we have heard of and love (Dan Zanes, They Might Be Giants) and some that we have never heard of but are certain to be new family favorites (like Jonathan Coultan- the Princess Who Saved herself). This disc has a ton of new music that has never been released that the artists recorded especially for the Many Hands CD. We also love that the after-tax profits from this CD will benefit the Haitian People’s Support Project and work to help the people of Haiti. The only thing better than an afternoon dance party…is one that supports a good cause.

The zany Boogers (relax, they’re a band!) were kind enough to send us their toe tapping Cd The Boogers – Let’s Go! The fun songs are certain to get the kids up and moving. The toddler testers were sold as soon as they learned that the band named themselves the Boogers. They loved all the songs. Kid favorites are Pop Goes the Weasel, Big Rock Candy Mountain, and What if a Zebra Had Spots. The parents were more impressed with the song about eating your veggies…go figure! This family friendly CD is perfect for car trips or background music or just sing-a-long fun.

Want to listen to your favorite songs without disturbing your baby? Check out Cradle Rock Pop Lullaby Versions of Songs Recorded by Michael Jackson. This fun CD cleverly named ‘Thrillbaby” has all the oldie but goodies set to lullaby tune. Bet you never thought you would rock the kids to sleep to Beat It!

Young car fans will love designing their own four-wheel vehicle on the Disney World of Cars Online website. This free game lets kids design a vehicle and take it on a drive or race against other cars. Good free fun!

Rock Band 3 is the latest in the uber popular series that lets you be a rock star… in your very own family room. Strum, sing, drum and now play your keyboard while you rock out to more than 80 songs. The newest in the Rock Band family even lets you create, save and share set lists. The game is rated T for suggestive themes and the use of alcohol.

Kid’s love their screen time, you might as well make it educational. The Sesame Street Gang is back with the new Nintendo Wii game, Sesame Street: Cookie’s Counting Carnival. This adventure is perfect for teaching preschools counting skills, patterning, shapes and the bigger than smaller than concept. There are 14 adventures that adjust in difficulty.

Want to get your kid an MP3 player without investing a ton of money? Check out the Disney Mix Max High School Musical Personal Media Player. This media player has everything your child needs to play music, movies, TV shows, music videos and digital photos. They will be delighted with the 2.2″ Color Display and you will love that the battery is rechargeable.

Skins are in! Now they have skins for everything electronic at Skinit Skins. This fun website allows you (or your kids) to customize skins for everything from laptops to game stations to iPads and more. Use photos or their unique designs for a truly one of a kind electronic device. They are fully customizable! Create works of art for your kids, coworkers and friends. A great holiday gift idea.