Looking to go green while saving a little green? The 5 Minute Shower Timer will help your family take quicker showers. Just suction this handy timer on your shower and rotate for a 5-minute timer. A great way to teach your family about saving our precious resources.

Fill your little one’s Easter basket with useful treats like this Hare Brush & Comb Set. This sweet set will put a smile on your honey bunny’s face each morning. The ears are the handles of the brush and there is a shatterproof mirror tucked away. Perfect for sensitive scalps!

Leave it to a mom to come up with safe and all natural cosmetics that are really geared towards children. There are a lot of products on the market that are kid safe but we have found that the kids usually prefer drugstore brands (which often contain parabens and other artificial ingredients). We are excited about the Nattie’s Natural Cosmetics line. Your kids will love getting “fancied up” in the glitter shadows and trying out the lip balms. They also sell bath bubblers, which contain all-natural ingredients.

Are you looking for a stool that makes a great accent piece while allowing the kidds top help out in the kitchen or reach the bathroom sink? Check out this Hand Carved Footstool made out of  sustainable acacia wood.  Artisans recycle scrap wood for the legs whenever possible. A great eco-friendly piece that will grow with your child.

Whether it is to remove an ouchy splinter or pluck a stray, do it in style with Tweezerman Betsey Johnson Tweezers. Leave it to Betsey to transform an every day necessity into a fabulous piece of artwork. These professional quality tweezers are simply a must have! Each pair of Tweezerman Tweezers are hand-filed at a 25-degree slant. This angle provides more surface area, making hair removal or grabbing a splinter easier. If your blades dull, just send them in for a free filing and you’ll get them back good as new.

Tame flyaway, create a super-cool mohawk or just gel up your little dude’s hair with Le Baby Hair Gel. This super kid-friendly hair gel is perfect for babies (or anyone with sensitive skin). It has no harsh chemicals and rinses away easy. Great for picture day or everyday.

Have you tried everything to potty train your stubborn toddler? Step away from the M&Ms and try the Potty Power DVD. This video teaches potty skills and hygiene habits by using games and silly songs. Kids will love the animated toilet paper roll and you just might be humming “Big Kid Underwear” for the rest of the day.

Get the kids to scrub a dub with the Boon Scrubble. This fun little bath toy fills with water and squirts. Nervous about dirty bath toys? This one can be thrown in the dishwasher. The scrubbie heads are interchangeable for tons of bath time fun.

Another mom entrepreneur product that makes us smile… Gone are the days of talking little boys into peeing on the cheerio target. Now there are Tinkle Targets. These innovative toilet targets are safe for the septic system. Teach little boys to aim for the target. This will surely make potty training a little bit easier.

We’ve found a new and fun way to store the kid’s toothbrushes hygienically. These MyFlipper Toothbrush Holders are sure to make tooth-brushing a little more fun. Just stick the toothbrush holder to the mirror and give it a gentle pull and the holder will flip open allowing the toothbrush to be taken out. Push the toothbrush back in and viola – the holder closes again. A cute and hygienic solution to leaving the toothbrushes out on the bathroom counter. Available in many different types of animals.