All Ages

We love that wallpaper is back in style! Looking for something that is temporary but still stylish? Check out family owned Tempaper. Tempaper is vinyl coated self adhesive wall decor. Their unique printing process incorporates “the traditional technique of gravure or intaglio copper plate engraving with state of the art materials to bring a classic look and feel to the finished product.” We especially love the Ruby Slate print.

We love a kid’s birthday party with a theme. Kick your child’s party up a notch with cute Karma Kandy Kones. We love these groovy Kandy Kones but the artist has a ton of options. They would make cute centerpieces, too.

Good old Jello is totally trendy again thanks to Victoria Belanger—aka the Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn with the book Hello, Jell-O!. This book has totally fun new Jello recipes such as: Pumpkin Pie and Eggnog Rum, but also kid-friendly favorites such as Root Beer Float Squares and more.

Who would ever thought that paint could be so exciting? We just can’t stop drooling over the fabulous paint colors at Hudson Paint. We especially love the idea of chalkboard paint on doors and floors. What a way to perk up a playroom or nursery. There are so many colors to choose from.

These Easter Mini Pancake Molds look to be the perfect addition to any Easter breakfast. Cute and super duper easy to use, these pancake molds make little pancakes in bunny, chick and egg shapes. We love the mini size… perfect for little tummies!

Peeps are a seasonal favorite. Think outside the box this year and invest in the book Peeps: Recipes and Crafts to Make with Your Favorite Marshmallow Treat. This book treats you to 24 projects suited for any time of the year. From Peepsicles to a Peep Wreath fun recipes and crafts fill this clever book.

If we had a dollar for every time we told the kids “NO” in a week, we would be sunning on an island somewhere with a fleet of nannies. You might as well save your breath and get The NO Button. Press the button and a resounding “NO!” will sound off. There are 10 different versions so you won’t get bored hearing the same “No” all the time. Added bonus, it works with spouses too!

We are always looking to for inexpensive ways to spruce up the kids rooms. These Personalized Pillowcases are a fun way to update your current bedding. Choose the fabrics for a fabulous funky pillowcase. Boys or girls, there is a unique fabric to match any decor. These are a great price-point for birthday gifts!

Do you have a child who loves to draw? This Klutz The Spiral Draw Book is packed with swirly fun. Use the color-changing gel pens to add depth to your swirly work .Comes With 4 translucent plastic drawing wheels, a frame with non-skid feet, and 3 mini gel pens.

Can’t get enough of the those fun flinging Angry Birds? Now you and your child can don an Angry Birds Hat. Handmade with great attention to detail, these silly hats are sure to get plenty of grins. Pick from four different designs. All handmade!