Innovative Toys ScareMeNots

Put away the monster fears… say bye-bye to the boogie monster! Innovative Toys ScareMeNots are here to save the day (or night)! Innovative Toys sent us 2 of their their ScareMeNot Characters for our toddler testers to review. They were a BIG hit! These goofy plush monsters were immediately snuggled (and tossed around) as soon as the tags were removed. What makes these adorable monsters special is that they can scare away all of the bad guys so little ones can get a good night sleep. The kids love the idea of special protector stuffed creatures to guard their rooms from the night time scaries.

The ScareMeNots have long tails with velcro so they can securely hang from door handles, curtains or wherever else you can loop them around. The tail can also hang from the bed by sticking it between the mattress and box spring.

We hung Defender Dave from the closet door… the kids love all of his eyes and the delicious grape color. Watchdog Wally resembles a dog and keeps an eye out for any monsters that may appear under the bed. The kids love stuffing Wally’s tail through the hole under his 3 eyes. These friendly monsters are a good size and well made – built to last for years.

Innovative toys has won a bunch of awards for these fun creatures and we can see why. These toys are more than just another cute stuffed animal. They truly bring comfort to kids… and that is priceless. Two thumbs up Innovative Toys!

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