BoHo Bowling 10-Pin Set

Outside In Games sent us their BoHo Bowling 10-Pin Set for review. Our little testers were extremely eager to get their hands on these adorable fuzzy felted wool critters. Each animal is handmade in Nepal which might be part of their charm! The 10-pin set includes a 3″ felted wool ball, 10 felted wool animal pins and a cotton drawstring bag to store everything.

What We Like:

  • The animals are vibrantly colored with swiss dyes making them very appealing to look at. Such great detail!
  • The pins and ball are small enough for a child’s hand so they can easily set them up and knock them down.
  • Unlike plastic pins, these soft animals don’t hurt if they get thrown. They also don’t make a lot of noise when they all go tumbling down.

What the Kids Like:

  • Besides being a fun toy to play with in it’s intended way, they enjoy playing with them like they would any stuffed animal or play set.
  • Like any bowling set they really had fun setting the pins up in order and knocking them down.

Our product testers enjoying BoHo Bowling:

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