Annabel Karmel – You Can Cook

What a great cook book! We recently received a review copy of Annabel Karmel – You Can Cook. This bright and colorful book is loaded with tons of delicious recipes that are easy to create and are very clearly explained. Each recipe has step-by-step instructions with vibrant pictures. Recipes range from basic (broiled toast, perfect baked potatoes) to exotic (sweet and sour pork, lamb tagine). All the recipes have one thing in common: they are creative and look delicious! The cook book also includes tips on kitchen safety and has pictures of kitchen equipment. The beginning has a healthy eating section which is easy for kids to understand. There is also a section on cooking and baking techniques which is helpful for both adults and kids. The back page of the book has a glossary of basic cooking terms such as boiling, simmering, and broiling – all accompanied by pictures. We tested out the Vegetable Lasagne recipe and it was a huge hit! This gorgeous cookbook is recommended for kids who want to learn to cook, parents (especially those in need of new food ideas), and anyone who loves yummy food!

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