Guidecraft Moon & Stars Media Carousel

Guidecraft makes some really great toys and furniture. They shipped us the Guidecraft Moon & Stars Media Carousel to review.  This brightly colored, multifunctional piece of furniture will brighten up any room. It is perfect for a playroom and can hold books, CDs, DVDs and more.  Keep reading and enter to win your own Moon & Stars Media Carousel from Guidecraft!

What we like

  • Easy Assembly – The media carousel went together quickly (even with the help of a 2 year old) and the only tool needed is an allen wrench that is provided! The item is packed really well, as we’d expect from any retailer. Each wooden piece is on top of the other, separated with packing material. Hardware is provided in a paper box, and each piece is clearly labeled with a white sticker. The bag of parts (screws, in this case) is also sealed and labeled. Instructions are clearly written and easy to understand. All holes are pre-drilled and recessed for a nice clean look. The holes line up exactly where you would expect them to so you don’t need to worry about forcing-in hardware or splitting wood (which is all-to-common with lower quality products made of particle board.)
  • Fun Design – The bright colors give the piece a playful feel drawing kids in. The cutout moons and stars give it a peek-a-boo appeal and also serve as adorable bookends.
  • Sturdy Construction – The Media Carousel is made from hardwood and rotates on a lazy susan base.
  • Multi-Functional – All types of media fit on the carousel. What you put on each shelf is up to you. The top shelf fits CDs, DVDs or small books. The second shelf fits DVDs or medium books. Large books fit perfectly on the bottom shelf.
  • Builds Spatial Relation Skills – For little kids learning about spatial relationships this media carousel is great for them to learn that big books can’t fit on little shelves.

What the kids think

  • Enjoyed spinning the carousel to find their favorite books. Good news is it doesn’t spin so fast that the books go flying out.
  • Fun to put the books away and figure out where they fit.

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