Creativity Toys

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s superkid! Get crafty with the Design Your Own Superhero Cape. This kit is the real deal. It comes with a glue brush, felt shapes and stars, a pair of scissors, colored pencils and, a plain superhero cape to use as your canvas. A great activity!

“Fi Fi Fo Fum” we have a new product that is guaranteed fun: Now I’m Reading! Plays. Five scripts and four masks come with each one of these adapted fairy tales. Even beginner readers can put on plays with these easy to read scripts. Family night will never be the same!

Kids love to get crafty. Fuzzoodles Big Box Plush Construction Kit is a fun kit that lets kids create silly creatures by connecting the plush pipe cleaners. Twist and bend then connect the plastic parts for crazy critters. Oodles of furry fun!

We just adore TAGGIES! Well-made and perfect tactile stimulation for infants and toddlers, we go gaga for their products. We just could not wait to get a hold of the TAGGIES Big Soft Blocks. These blocks smoosh down easily so they can be thrown right into your diaper bag. A great infant toy.

We love finding shops that specialize in environmentally friendly children’s clothes and toys. Root and Sprout baby has a ton of fun finds. We love the Music Table. This great table is perfect for babies that are just starting to pull up and explore and toddlers who love to play instruments. Made from Baltic Birch plywood this music table has everything your toddlers could possible want to rock out. It has a  leather drum, cymbal,  a one octave xylophone and a one octave xylopipe.  Also included are 4 multi-color maracas and three mallets.

It seems that the kids are playing with DUPLOs a lot these days. We were gifted a LEGO DUPLO World People Set and it has been a big hit! This 16 piece set is sure to bring up plenty of conversations about our differences. What a great way for children to interact and use their imagination. Whether building their new buddies houses out of LEGOs or just using them as characters, they are sure to be a new favorite addition to the imagination.

Get your litle artist into music with the Colorforms Genius Paint and Play Activity. This new artist tool lets the kidds create sounds while using a special brush to paint. The best part of this artsy toy is that it is totally mess-free!

Get your grocery shop on with the Little Tikes Neighborhood Market. This super-cute market is just the place to teach your toddlers about money (with the pretend cash register), counting and much more. We think the chalkboard awning is a fun way to personalize this mini market.

Teach the kids counting and fractions the easy way with the Green Toys Pizza Parlor. This 27 piece set is earth friendly (made out of recycled milk jugs) and educational yet your kids will never know. They will love taking orders and building pizza pies during their play dates with this fun set. It includes 4 pizza crusts, 20 pizza toppings (4 sauce, 4 cheese, 4 sets pepperoni, 2 sets mushrooms, 2 sets onions, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, 1 red tomato and 1 green tomato), a pizza cutter, pizza parlor order forms and a pizza box. Have other Green Toy kitchen sets around the play room? The pizza parlor pieces are interchangeable.

Indulge your mini Einstein with the Learning Resources Primary Science Set. This science kit has realistic tools and supplies that will thrill any scientist. We love the easy to follow experiments. The toddler testers were enamored with the dancing raisin experiment (raisins in soda water). Science fun for the whole family.