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Kids often think schoolwork is a drag, give them something to make it more enjoyable! Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencils are awesome smelling pencils made from rolled newspapers and other recycled or environmentally friends products.

This adorable Dante Beatrix Little Kid Monkey Backpack is designed by New York artist Dante Pauwels.  It is big enough to hold all of your elementary student’s belongings and has padded shoulders to make carrying it comfortable. Durable and easy to clean. Dante Beatrix packs come in many colors and designs.

The Disney Netpal is the perfect first laptop for your child. With a customizable Disney desktop your child can explore a web-safe world of technology. The kid-friendly software suite features favorite Disney characters and icons in a fun and intuitive design.

The Disney Netpal includes more than two dozen parental control options. The kid-friendly web browser and email have extra filters to assure that parents are able to control online safety and content for their children and can easily select who their children can correspond with.

Available in Magic Blue and Princess Pink.