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This is the last camisole you will ever need to buy. We are confident that we found the perfect cami. The Skinnytees Camisole is perfect for sizes 2-22. This one size fits all camisole is perfect for pregnancy and new moms too. It sucks you in and never rolls up. The longer length is perfect to cover you up if your jeans ride a little low. We love that it is proudly made in the USA!

Are you looking for a truly original way to announce your impending arrival? Next time you have your friends over serve up a cappuccino using the I’m Pregnant Coffee Stencil. This transparent plastic stencil will get your message across. Use cinnamon or cocoa to fill in the stencil. They also have cute stork and other baby stencils that would be a fun addition to a baby shower.

Mitetees Custom Production Series Maternity Tees are a fun and witty way to show off your baby belly. Let the world know what creative geniuses were behind your upcoming blockbuster.

The BellaBand is perfect for all stages of pregnancy and after your baby is born.  Just slide the seamless knit band around the waistline, over unbuttoned jeans or skirts for instant comfort when your clothes aren’t fitting. It is perfect when your favorite jeans get a little too snug or to wear over too-loose maternity clothes. The Bellaband comes in many colors and is machine washable.

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Deliver in style! The Peanut Shell Hospital Delivery Gown is every bit as functional as a typical hospital gown but is a LOT more glamorous. At what other point in your life could you use a bit of glamor? The Peanut Shell Hospital Delivery Gown also makes a great baby shower gift, make the soon-to-be mom feel special too!

These pajamas are so cute, you will want to wear them all day. Majamas Hearts Pajamas are as comfy as they are cute! These two-piece nursing pajamas have a crisscross top which makes nursing a breeze. There are even pockets for breast pads. These will be your favorite jammies hands down, we just hope you get to wear them to actually sleep!

Do you need a creative gift for a new dad? The Funny Dad Sherpa Tee Shirt is sure to put a smile on the new dad’s face. After all, who do you think is going to haul around the diaper bag, stroller and new baby gear?

Preggie Pops are a natural way to ease morning sickness. This convenient, delicious lollipop uses essential oils and aromatherapy to alleviate dry mouth and morning sickness. These pops are also perfect to throw in your hospital suitcase to help provide quick calories and energy during labor. Available in 7 flavors.