It’s a fact, kids love straws. Get them to drink their much needed water while staying green with a Stainless Steel Drinking Straw. We love that they are dishwasher-safe, too. They are wide enough for thicker drinks (like smoothies) and kids can’t gnaw on the ends. Grab a few for more fun mealtimes today.

Trying to limit sugar? Now the kids can enjoy a blingy treat of Sugar Free Ring Pops. All the taste with a ton less sugar. Only 30 caleries and they still taste great. Great for travel!

Looking to make the perfect cup of coffee…err milk? Check out the Bib’expresso.  Imagine getting a bottle ready in 90 seconds one-handed. With Bib’expresso anything is possible.  It  gets the temperature right every time and heats, sterilizes and stores your bottles.

You don’t need a special occasion to make corn dogs with the Smart Planet CDM-1 Corn Dog Maker. Cook up to 6 corn dogs at a time with this fun appliance. No need to fry these carnival favorites, mix up some batter and bake them up in just minutes. Sticks make everything more fun…we would love to make snickers, pizza sticks and much more.

Did you jump on the Zoku Popsicle making bandwagon? If so, Zoku Quick Pop Tools are a must have. This 7 piece set comes with everything you need to make fun faces, designs and fruit cutouts in your Popsicles. The must have kit includes 3 drip-free pour cups, heart and star stencil, fruit wand, siphon and angle tray. Amaze the kids with healthy treats that are almost too pretty to eat. BPA and Phthalate free, too.

Want the kids to start eat a little bit healthier? Get them in the kitchen! Kids will love helping with food preparation with their very own knife. The Misono Child’s Mini-Knife is amazing. Suitable for righties or lefties, this knife can cut through most food but is a bit smaller so it is perfect for little hands. Parental supervision required!


Looking for a no-fuss way to transport formula and snacks for the kids? Check out Beaba Stackable Formula & Snack Containers. Super cute and 100% practical, these little containers will take you from formula to fishies.

Looking for the greatest lunch bag invention? Check out PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag, Forget Me Not Dot. This freezable lunch cooler keeps lunches or snacks cool for up to 10 hours. This “momvention” is reusable, washable and folds up small so it takes up very little freezer space. Pack all of those healthy snacks like cheese and yogurt without fear of spoiling. A great find!


Teach the kids to love their veggies with this adorable Garden Plate & Utensils. Kids will love shoveling  food into their mouths with the kid-sized hoe, rake and shovel. We love that the plate set also has plenty of compartments, making sure foods never touch. Perfect for picky eaters.



One of the cutest cups to show up at a recent playgroup was the Lollacup. This is a must have for trendy tots! Functional and fashionable, the cup has a weighted straw so toddlers can drink even when the cup gets tipped. The handles are removable so it fits easily in the diaper bag, too. Easy to clean and made in the USA!