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Jump on the green bandwagon and look cool doing it with the OOTS Deluxe Lunchbox. This BPA-free lunch box is made out of polypropylene and is super easy to clean, just stick it in the dishwasher. No funky smells because of the sleek modern design there are no folds or corners for ick to hide-out in. Minimize waste by using the included plastic containers instead of baggies. The lunchbox comes in 3 fun colors…buy them for the whole family!

Giving up those icky and earth destroying plastic water bottles? Trying to talk your teen into going green? The Curly Girl Design Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a fun way to let the world know that a princess does more than just sit and look pretty. This whimsical bottle says “I am fairly certain given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world.” This plastic coated stainless water bottle is odor resistant and has a handy dandy metal clip for schlepping.

The best part of baking is licking the bowl! Why get your fingers dirty when you can use the Fred Batterfinger Spatula? This fun kitchen tool is perfect for anyone who likes to be in the kitchen and has a good sense of humor. Cookie dough not included!

We say, Go ahead and play with your food! Bean Appetit: Hip and Healthy Ways to Have Fun with Food is a wonderfully creative cookbook designed to get kids excited about food and have a little fun in the process. It is crammed full of recipes, games, crafts and activities. The recipes are some of the favorites that are featured at the author’s Bean Sprout cafe. Our favorite is Elefunky Monkey snack mix!

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Making your own baby food has never been easy, until now. The Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker is an all-in-one counter-top appliance that steams, blends, warms and defrosts making baby food prep a piece of cake. In 15 minutes you can steam fruits, veggies and meat. Then puree and blend to desired consistency. You can even reheat or defrost pre-made meals. Babycook makes it so simple to prepare healthy meals for your baby.

Give your waffles, muffins and quick breads a face lift! The Disney Mickey Mouse Tasty Baker transforms ordinary batter into your favorite Mickey and Friends characters. They are the perfect size for little hands or for dunking. Your kids won’t be able to resist eating Mickey and Friends shaped treats, so be sure to sneak in something healthy!

Don’t leave out the kiddos when you order in Chinese food or sushi at home. The Combi Chopsticks Training Set actually teaches wee ones how to use chopsticks. It has a multi-step system that adjusts with the growth of your child. The first step is the training step and has a bridge to provide support. When your child is ready, simply remove the support while still using the training bridge. Then just remove the bridge when your child is ready to eat with the chopsticks. Chopsticks are so much fun, don’t be surprised when your toddler refuses to use a fork!

The Munchie Mug is the “Snack Trap” of the future. This brand new product has moms raving! No more spilled snacks or stuck hands with this spill resistant snack mug. The sensitive fabric is perfect for tiny hands and it is BPA and phthalate free. We can’t wait to try this one out!

Kid’s are messy, but that isn’t a reason for your floor to take a beating! The Booginhead SplatMat Floor Protector is a fun and stylish way to keep your floor clean during the messy baby and toddler stage. It weighs in at a whopping 48″ and because it is round it is able to cover more area than a typical square mat. This SplatMat is easy to clean, durable, washable and easy on the eyes.

Are you tired of silly cartoon characters on everything? These DIY Cups are a refreshing change to the usual children’s cups. These porcelain cups come with transfers to design your very own sets. Go simple or really jazz them up. The transfers are microwave and dishwasher safe. Have extras? You can apply the transfers to any porcelain, glass or smooth plastic surface. Make an entire set of dishes! There are a ton of transfers to choose from.