A doctor dad and nurse mom teamed up together to create the Baby MEDBASICS Combo Pack. Their company “turns your moments of panic into moments of action”. Just clip this handy Baby MEDBASICS on your stroller or diaper bag and you will always be confident that you have everything needed to react appropriately in a time of an emergency. Organized with bright colored easy to read tabs and simple instructions, it is super-easy to navigate. Keep baby’s important documents at hand with the home pack portion. A great gift for a new mom and dad.

Face it, bumpers give cribs and the whole nursery a finished feel. Research shows that they might not be safe. Newborns can roll into the bumpers and get stuck, and naughty toddlers can use them to try and climb out of the crib. Oliver B has a solution that is beautiful and practical. No need to sacrifice style or safety with the Oliver B Ventilated Crib Bumper System. These crib slat bumpers allow for airflow ventilation in and out of the crib. They come in fuchsia or blue.

Lice… our heads itch just typing about it. Now lice is easily preventable with Fairy Tales Rosemary Repels Shampoo. This all-natural organic shampoo prevents lice without using harsh chemicals on your child’s head. Just shampoo as usual and the tea tree and rosemary scent will keep the buggies away.

Child Safety is something that everyone takes seriously. There are plenty of products on the market to help your little kids stay healthy and safe. The Kidco Finger Guard is easy to install and will prevent your child’s little fingers from being injured in the door. Safety is priceless but these are fairly inexpensive and won’t ding up your door. Available in packs of 2.

Now you don’t have to wait to brush your little one’s teeth. My Dentist’s Choice Tooth Tissues make cleaning your child’s gums and teeth a cinch. These textured cloths remove plaque from your milk sipping cutie’s pearly whites without any added sugar or fluoride. Grab a pack today!

Shopping for tweens is tough! Send them the ultimate spa package with the Ottilie & Lulu Spa Essentials Gift Set. This healthy beauty set is designed especially for young teenage girls. It comes with: Clean skin wipes, Feel Good shampoo and body wash, hair detangler, and body glow lotion. We love that all of the Ottilie & Lulu products have all natural ingredients and are designed for tween girls. This set is sure to make any girl feel beatiful.

Does breastfeeding and pumping overwhelm you? You are not alone! The Pumpin’ Comfort Breast Pumping Necessity Kit comes with all the tools to make pumping breast milk a little bit easier and a lot more comfortable. The kit comes with three pairs of breast shields so you are sure to get the right size), hands free strap so you can multitask, parts bag, and the super helpful pocket guide to breastfeeding.

Losing a child is the scariest thing in the world. The My Band is a silicone bracelet that your child wears. It can be loaded with information so that you can be reunited with your lost child. This USB ID wristband is water resistant and can be read by both PC and MAC computers. Upload contact info, fingerprints and a current photo.

Do you struggle to find family-friendly recipes that are gluten and dairy free? Cooking for Isaiah: Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Recipes for Easy Delicious Meals has a ton of recipes that the kids will love. Just because you have a family member that is gluten or dairy free doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies. There are 135 recipes that look delicious!

Spending a lot of time in the bathroom during toilet training? You might as well make good use of your time. Learn a new skill with Origami Toilet Paper. This fun toilet paper is sure to amuse the kids (and your spouse). Just another product to keep wiping tushies all day exciting!