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Milkies Milk-Savers are a unique solution to embarrassing breast feeding mishaps. This comfortable reusable nursing pad actually collects the milk that leaks during nursing so you can store the extra breast milk to feed your baby later. The milk saver is easy to use. Jjust put it over your breast on the side that your baby is not eating from and the milk saver will collect the milk that leaks. Milkies is an environmentally friendly company that makes sure there are no yucky chemicals in their products.

With all of the knowledge that parents have about SIDS, the Groegg Room Thermometer helps parents feel confident that their baby is the right temperature. The color changes when the temperature in the room becomes too warm or cold.   This digital thermometer glows a soft yellow to let you know that the temperature is right for your baby. This egg is also a great night light!

Do you worry about your little one crawling around and having sore little knees? Lil’ Melon Birdie Baby Knee Pads to the rescue! These thick knee pads are perfect for playing outside or inside. They are made to be thick enough for comfort yet they have an open back so they are ventilated and breathable. Done playing outside…throw em in the wash for next time.

It’s about thyme there was an Eco-friendly way to sanitize your house. Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Wipes with thyme are the newest addition to the wildly popular Seventh Generation list of products. These wipes are made from plant extracts and kill 99.9% of your household germs. Use them on toys, counter tops or anywhere else you need a quick clean.

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Fun and functional…not usually how we would describe a baby changing table but we made the exception for the Ubi Deluxe Modedn Changing Table. This portable and easy to clean changing area has everything you need to change your squirmy baby. It has fasteners that hold the diapers in place and an area to store diapers for future changes. It has a safety belt to strap in wiggly wee ones and hypoallergenic upholstery that is sure to be gentle on their sensitive spots. Use it to change diapers at home or on the go.

The Becothings BecoPotty is an eco-friendly earth friendly solution to your potty training needs. Not only is it ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use, it is made from bamboo waste and rice husks and is completely biodegradable. Once your child is done potty training you can plant it in your garden and it will start biodegrading. What a great ending to a great accomplishment!

Like the protection foam mats give but not crazy about the looks of them in rooms other than the playroom? The Interlocking Natural Foam Mat blends in with your hardwood floors so that you hardy notice it’s there. At 5/8″ thick this mat offers more protection and lasts longer than it’s competitors.

Get excited! February is National Children’s Dental Month which means it is not just hearts and flowers anymore. Celebrate this exciting holiday in style with a RaZ-A-Dazzle Silicone Toothbrush. This toothbrush is perfect for babies. It is softer than a traditional toothbrush and massages babies’ tender gums with silicone bristles. Feel good about teaching good dental habits with this BPA-free non toxic toothbrush. Don’t forget to wish the dentist in your life a Happy Children’s Dental Month!

Who said baby safety has to be boring? Jazz up any electrical outlet with Animal Plug Safety Covers. These animal shaped safety covers are in the shapes of dogs, cats, elephants and sheep. They look cute while keeping little fingers from playing with the outlets. Child-proofing just became fun!

The Spountin is a brilliant contraption that turns any ordinary sink into a drinking fountain. Just screw the Spountain onto your faucet and voila a drinking fountain! The Spountin is such a fun little gadget that your children will beg to brush at night so they can use it to rinse. As a bonus, there is a 2 for 1 offer right now so stock up. We can’t think of a more useful gift!