We love featuring music that both kids and parents can enjoy. Jon Samson – Another Kids Album definitely fits the bill! Samson is a board certified music therapist and performer and provided us with his latest album for review. He knows how to have fun with kids and keep them entertained. We’re not the only ones who feel this way, either. Another Kids Album has been featured in Parenting Magazine and TimeOut NY Kids. It also recently received a National Parenting Publications Award. The album contains 12 songs. Some are soft and soothing, others are silly and upbeat – one thing is for sure, they are all catchy and you’ll be singing along in no time! Samson’s voice is clear and the lyrics are easy to understand. Our family favorites are Ddddance, Starting to Remember, The Alarm Clock is Mean, and Twinkle. This disc is definitely going in the rotation! Jon Samson fans should also check out his previous disc, Kids CoCreative Music Album.

Learn more about Jon Samson on his website and MySpace page.

Keep the kids entertained with the Boys’ DVD Player and Case. This DVD player has a 7-inch screen and is lightweight. It is designed for kids so it is very easy to operate. The battery is rechargeable and has a 2-hour lifespan. We love the design! It also has a ton of matching accessories (available separately) like headphones and luggage. It can be personalized, too.

We are always looking for kid friendly websites for the elementary school crowd. One favorite is This kid-friendly website offers step by step guides for activities such as magic, origami, juggling and much more. There are easy follow along instructions complete with a list of materials and printable information. We love that they are kid rated and totally appropriate!

Take some bluegrass music and add some country + pop + funk. You’ll end up with this great combination that is The Okee Dokee Brothers – Take It Outside. Best friends since childhood, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing’s mission is to remind children (and adults) of their intrinsic ability to discover, imagine, and create through music. The Okee Dokee Brothers shipped us their latest CD for review and it has quickly become a family favorite – the kids and adults both enjoy listening and singing along. The lyrics are clear, witty, and easy to understand. Our favorites are ‘Bluegrass for Breakfast’, ‘Tippy Toes’, and ‘The Extraterrestrials’. Start up the disc and everyone will be singing along in no time. The CD comes packaged with a colorful insert complete with the lyrics to all 13 songs. Also available to for digital download.

Whether your kids love grooving to Barney or Beethoven, Kideos has something that will entertain them. This site is amazing! The website is divided by age group and has pre-screened videos that are kid friendly. No more worrying about your 6 year old learning all of the Kid Rock lyrics.

Looking to rock out with the kids but tired of listening to the same old tunes? Check out the latest release from Starfish – Enter Sandbox. Starfish is a New Jersey rock band of dads. Their newest CD delivers 12 great rock and other style tracks (reggae, pop, punk, etc.) They shipped us this disc for review and we love how much fun it is! Kids and parents can both relate to and enjoy listening to it – we sure did this past weekend! The lyrics are clear, fun, and about important things in kids’ lives such as tree houses, time outs, homework, and parents who always say “no”. Our favorite songs are “My Name is No”, “Elephant”, and “Little Willy”. Enter Sandbox also comes with a booklet of lyrics. This is definitely a collection of songs any family will enjoy listening to over and over again

If you’re looking for a different sort of lullaby CD and are a fan of Natalie Merchant, check out Natalie Merchant – Leave Your Sleep. This is a 2 disc set filled with her renditions of 19th and 20th century British and American poetry – well-known and obscure works, anonymous rhymes and children’s lullabies. It’s not your average children’s album but it definitely evokes feelings of childhood.

Need to increase your iPhone/iPod’s volume? Do it with the iPod/iPhone Building Block Speaker. This mini speaker allows you to turn your device into a mini, portable boom box. Compatible with almost all iPods and iPhones this is a great gift for big and small kids alike!

Become Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger as well as other favorite characters when you play the LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 game. Relive favorite Harry Potter memories LEGO-style. Have fun exploring places like Hogwarts castle, Diagon Alley and the Forbidden Forest to names a few. Your kids will love mixing potions, flying on broomsticks and attending lessons. It is is available for Wii, Playstation 3, XBox 360, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and PC.

Rockabye Baby / Hushabye Baby was kind enough to send some CDs for us to review: Kanye West, Journey, and Taylor Swift. We were a little skeptical at first because when one thinks about lullabies, Kanye West hardly comes to mind – but these CDs were great! Rockabye Baby takes popular rock songs and transforms them into lullabies by substituting drums and guitars with soothing instruments. Hushabye Baby does the same with country music. What a fun way to listen to music with your child! We especially love that there are no words – just softer instrumental versions of your favorite songs. Don’t limit these tunes to nap time, they make perfect background music for quiet playtime or riding in the car. Of course we have our favorite tracks! On Journey, Open Arms and Don’t Stop Believin’ take the cake. Check out there site for fun onesies, samples of the music and gift packages too!