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Jump on the green bandwagon and look cool doing it with the OOTS Deluxe Lunchbox. This BPA-free lunch box is made out of polypropylene and is super easy to clean, just stick it in the dishwasher. No funky smells because of the sleek modern design there are no folds or corners for ick to hide-out in. Minimize waste by using the included plastic containers instead of baggies. The lunchbox comes in 3 fun colors…buy them for the whole family!

Giving up those icky and earth destroying plastic water bottles? Trying to talk your teen into going green? The Curly Girl Design Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a fun way to let the world know that a princess does more than just sit and look pretty. This whimsical bottle says “I am fairly certain given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world.” This plastic coated stainless water bottle is odor resistant and has a handy dandy metal clip for schlepping.

Are you looking for an extra special Mother’s Day or birthday gift for a special adult? The Danielson Designs Custom Message Bud Vase allows your child to write a personal note and send it to Danielson Designs to print it on a bud vase. Anne and Mark Danielson have built a unique company to help the economically challenged city of Trinidad Colorado.  This one of a kind gift is sure to keep the recipient smiling.

Milkies Milk-Savers are a unique solution to embarrassing breast feeding mishaps. This comfortable reusable nursing pad actually collects the milk that leaks during nursing so you can store the extra breast milk to feed your baby later. The milk saver is easy to use. Jjust put it over your breast on the side that your baby is not eating from and the milk saver will collect the milk that leaks. Milkies is an environmentally friendly company that makes sure there are no yucky chemicals in their products.

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Playful World Hand Puppets are sure to spark some wonderfully fun stories in your theatre. These charming puppets are hand knit in Peru and are eco-friendly. You can choose from a giraffe, a dog, a zebra, a rabbit or get the whole set! The hand puppets are made from 100% organic raw alpaca in natural colors. Your purchase of Playful World products helps create opportunities for families in need.

Hosting a slumber party? Worried that your underwear will end up in the freezer and your kitchen will be raided? Keep ‘em busy with The Box Girls: Mini Slumber Party Box of Questions. This fun little kit has 21 cards that have conversation starters sure to get girlies talking. It is eco-friendly and printed on recycled cards with soy ink.

Do you love the earth? Even your jump rope can be green! The Green Toys Jump Rope is good old fashioned fun for the family. No bells and whistles here – just handles made out of recycled milk jugs and 100% Cotton rope. Teach your kids the old school jump rope songs, they will have a blast. Made in the USA!

Don’t wait for a flood to play with the Plan Toys Noah’s Ark play set. It is made from earth friendly rubberwood. Noah, Mrs. Noah and 12 sets of brightly colored animals and birds are all included. Children will have fun learning about animals while playing. The Ark has a removable roof and openable gangway making it super easy to access the fun.

Babies like to put everything in their mouths. Why not make sure that even their shoes are made out of safe material for gumming. Little Soles – Baby Soles Black Metro Jane Shoes are super safe for your traveling tyke. These little shoes are perfect for delicate baby feet. They have special inserts for traction, a unique outsole design that allows for optimum surface feel for cruising tykes, and super high quality leather that is formaldehyde-free. Little Soles is an earth friendly company that puts their leather products under stringent testing to make sure that they are free of the toxins. These little shoes are safe for babies and fashionable to boot!

Every child needs a place to store his/her most prized possessions. The Toy Storage Chest is the perfect place. It is a classic wood design that is sturdy, functional and safe. This toy box boasts pinch-proof hinges, no-fall lid and carry handles. The white toy box is a certified green product and made of 100% recycled, American-made engineered wood. The natural toy box is made from birch plywood and features many green attributes. Both are finished with an earth-friendly, water-based lacquer. Don’t forget to personalize it to make it your child’s very own!