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We are all about good clean fun at Kidlantis and that is why we heart Sun Feather Washy Squashy Modeling Soap. Mold, sculpt, and get creative in the tub with this fun product. These rainbow hued treasures have an olive oil base so they are gentle on the skin and the tub. Creativity challenged? No worries…there is an activity book too! The kit comes with 6 bars of modeling soap in rainbow colors.

Tight on space? Doorhanger Monkeys are a great way to keep your little monkey organized. These over the door hangers are perfect for bathrobes or hanging up clothes for the next day. They are cute and useful. Stop going bananas with the clutter…let these three little monkeys help.

Sprig Toys is a relatively new eco-friendly toy company. They started in 2007 with the goal of creating “battery free, eco-friendly, paint free, kid powered toys” that are sure to please any preschooler. They sure got it right with the Sprig Toys Adventure Dolphin Adventure Playset (say that ten times fast). This adventure vehicle is made from recycled materials and sprigwood. It is waterproof so it is perfect for bath or pool play and comes with an adventure guide, dolphin figures, and the dingy boat.

Who doesn’t love a little potty humor? Toilet Buddies Poo P. Bunny is sure to make any toddler who is reluctant to try out the potty smile. This fun potty decoration was designed to open up family communication about the potty and to make the potty an exciting place for toddlers. Potty training is tough work, why not have some fun with it?

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Even princesses need to take baths. Make bath time a little more fun for your little princess with the Alex Toys Princess in the Tub set. Let your princess bathe in the water safe tiara, check herself out in the child safe foam mirror and cast spells with the light up magic wand.

The Spountin is a brilliant contraption that turns any ordinary sink into a drinking fountain. Just screw the Spountain onto your faucet and voila a drinking fountain! The Spountin is such a fun little gadget that your children will beg to brush at night so they can use it to rinse. As a bonus, there is a 2 for 1 offer right now so stock up. We can’t think of a more useful gift!

The Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium is the ultimate in potty training  bribery. Who wouldn’t want to spend hours in the bathroom if you have an aquarium on the back of the potty? The kit is easy to assemble and comes with a LED light system, flushing system, 2 artificial plants, a dual filter system with a pump and a basic aquarium guide. It is fun and functional!

Splish Splash, it’s learning time in the bath with Smart Splash Letter Link Crabs. These floating letters make the bath the perfect place to work on letter recognition and learning. There are uppercase letters on one side and lowercase letters on the other. Link them together to spell a word, or fish for letters. They are soft, non-toxic, mold resistant and fun for everyone!

Put away the raincoat and galoshes, there is a new and improved way to bathe your bundle of joy. The Puj Tub is a soft non slip plastic (BPA-Free) tub that you can put right in your bathroom sink. This water conserving bath tub is space efficient and environmentally friendly. There is no more wasted water and the tub stores flat. While in use, the baby is cradled so mom and dad can use both hands to get all the hard to reach places clean.

Introducing Boon Flo, an easy solution to bathtime safety. This faucet cover is easy to put on and take off and provides easy access to the diverter. Flo creates a gentle waterfall that is perfect for rinsing shampoo out of hair and also has a built in bubble bath dispenser. This is a bathroom essential, especially if your bathtub is shared by bath-takers and shower-takers.