A Little Books Boxed Set

Chronicle Books sent us a copy of A Little Books Boxed Set (pub. 2009) by Amy Krause Rosenthal and illustrated by Jen Corace. This charming set of books, which includes Little Hoot, Little Pea and Little Oink, delights listeners big and little. Each of the three books poses a typical childhood issue in a not so typical way. Little Hoot is all about a little owl who has a problem with bedtime – he has to stay up late, late, late because he’s an owl. In Little Pea the issue is mealtime – Little Pea has to eat candy for dinner and all he wants is dessert, spinach! Can you guess what Little Oink is about? Right, mess-up time! The illustrations are not to be missed either, all three books feature the same whimsical style that fits the story perfectly. This set of Little books comes in a hard boardbook box that even has places for you to slip in a special picture on the front and back.

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