Guidecraft Safari Book Display

Guidecraft makes some really great toys and furniture. We’ve teamed up with them this week to review and give away this product! They shipped us the Guidecraft Safari Book Display – made out of wood and canvas. What a cool item! It allows your child to locate books more easily than a traditional book case because the books slide into the deep canvas pockets with the covers facing forward. The book display measures 24″ h x 12″ w x 22″ l and can hold over 20 books.  Keep reading and enter to win your own Safari Book Display from Guidecraft!

What we like

  • Easy Assembly – The book display takes only 15 minutes to build and all you need is a Phillips screwdriver! The item is packed really well, as we’d expect from any retailer. Each wooden piece is on top of the other, separated with packing material. Hardware is provided in a paper box, and each piece is clearly labeled with a white sticker. The bag of parts (screws, in this case) is also sealed and labeled. Instructions are clearly written and easy to understand. All holes are pre-drilled and recessed for a nice clean look. The holes line up exactly where you would expect them to so you don’t need to worry about forcing-in hardware or splitting wood (which is all-to-common with lower quality products made of particle board.)
  • Beautiful Detail – Both the left and right sides have an animal safari design. The wood is hand carved and hand painted – it looks great! The hand painted safari scene is bright, fun, and full of detail.
  • Sturdy Construction – A wood bottom base attaches to both sides and wood rods within the canvas attach to each side of the product.
  • Lots of space – The Safari Book Display holds a ton of books (over 20), plus there is even more room to place a few more on the bottom base/shelf.

What the kids think

  • Increased interest in reading their books because they can see the bright covers on display.
  • Super easy to find their favorite books.
  • Putting books away on the Safari Book Display is easier than an ordinary shelf because the books just slip in.

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