Guidecraft Daisy Pastel Stacking Bookshelf

Guidecraft sent us their Daisy Pastel Stacking Bookshelf for us to put together and try out. This adorable bookshelf is functional and the test toddlers thought it was fit for a princess. Once assembled, we had a great time filling it with dress up clothes and accessories. We love the look of the stacking shelves and the Guidecraft furniture is very well made. This bookshelf would be perfect for a playroom or bedroom to keep books and toys organized. Love this piece? Check out the vanity and toy boxes to match!

What we like

  • Easy Assembly – After laying out all of the pieces (and chasing away the kids) it only took about a half an hour to put together.
  • Fun and Functional – The shelves can hold books, toys, dress-up clothes or whatever else your children dream up. The different shelf configurations allow for lots of options.

What the kids think

  • The test toddlers loved stacking books and treasures on the shelves that were the perfect height.
  • The combination of books and dress up clothes were perfect to keep the kids busy for hours
  • They were able to put everything away all by themselves. A bonus for moms and tots!

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